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Sample Project 2: Database Development

Development of a Database to Administrate Publishing House Data and to Steer Work Processes

Situation: The staff of a small publishing house wants to facilitate parts of its repetitive work. Computer usage is confined to typing and printing of letters.

Obstacle 1: There was no understanding regarding structure and use of databases, and there were considerable worries related to dealing with the largely unknown.

Solution: The user interface was modelled to resemble as closely as possible to the card boxes and document files the staff was used to.

Obstacle 2: The staff took much of their specific knowledge for granted, and thus found it hard to explain work sequences of considerable complexity to outsiders.

Solution: After an introduction to the internal procedures a structured database is being created along with the necessary interfaces and procedures. These were then tested and corrected in two subsequent meetings.

Result: Three months after the first meeting, the database application was completed and the staff introduced to its use. They were pleased with the ease of use and the facilitation and efficiency of work procedures.

Effect: The publisher decided to extend the existing database to cover considerably more of the staff's work. The database grew to about three times the original extent.