Fox Data Service
Statistics - Tabulation - Database Development - Presentation


  • Infratest (TNS):
  • Data evaluation and analysis; Presentations
  • Database development in the realm of epidemiology (Follow-Up mortality study)
  • Tabulation
  • Contributions to the development of analyses and presentation charts
  • Data evaluation in the realms of pharma market and sociological surveys
  • Drei Masken Verlag: Database development (VB), Computer counseling
  • Genactis: Tabulation, charts, multivariate analyses
  • Wolters Kluwer: Proofreading of engineering texts
  • City of Munich: CD-ROM Production (Macromedia Director)
  • GPC (Gesellschaft für Politik-Consulting und anwendungsorientierte Wahlforschung): Scientifically based policy counseling
  • cc-live: Contributions to the creation of video-based training software for MS products and Windows XP (using Adobe Captivate for animated guidance)